Tuesday, December 1, 2015

modern journalism

minimal info, white text on a black background

Backpacker magazine (AUG 2014) did a one page thing on going ultralight. I have strong opinions on this kind of highly art-directed "journalism". There isn't much information here, just incredibly short little bits. At least the info is accurate. This same magazine did a similar spread a while back, and that one really bugged me, they got almost everything wrong. That previous "article" is linked HERE (one page imageand HERE (full text).

You can click on either image for a HI-rez view. The one below is the same scanned page, but it's  been reversed for easier reading

same image, reversed


p-w-b said...

I find Backpacker much harder to read since they adopted this style a few years ago.

What was the other spread that they got so wrong?

I bought your book a few weeks ago and I'm enjoying it. Thanks!

Mike Clelland! said...

Reply to p-w-b:
I just added the link to the ld text and a visual to the post above...

Albert einstien said...
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